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Please use basic subject lines. All prompt comments should begin with a pairing tag (e.g. Joe/Jasmine) or Gen for no pairing. Use 'Any' when prompting for any pairing at all (eg Hecky/Any or Any/Any), "Other" for a non-canon character, and ensure you include a short description and any trigger warnings.
eg; Joe Teague/Sid Rothman, Angst

RPF (as in Actor/Actor pairings) are accepted, just post "RPF" at the beginning of the prompt.
eg; RPF, Jon Bernthal/Alexa Davalos, fluff


Fill post subject lines should begin with FILL, and end with any associated trigger warnings and pairing tags to the fill.
eg; FILL: Title (angst, major character death, Joe/Hecky)

Only one prompt per comment. Post as many prompts as you like!

You can not "claim" a prompt or forbid anyone else if they wish to fill it. Multiple fills are encouraged!

No kink shaming! And lastly, have fun!

Gen: Benny, Sid

Anything about their childhood/youth/growing up together.

Sid Rothman/Ned Stax, oral fixation

Sid loves watching Ned smoke. Up to you whether he only fantasises about fucking his mouth or whether he actually does it.

Bonus if Ned is aware that Sid is watching him and teases.

FILL: Temptation (Sid Rothman/Ned Stax), 1/2

I'm filling my own prompt, that's just a little bit sad. ;) Not sure if I'm going to add some actual porn to this tomorrow or fill something else instead, I'll see about that.

Ben's new lawyer boy wasn't even that pretty. Sid preferred them younger, usually, less muscular, with wide fearful eyes and full lips that would just look perfect wrapped around his cock. So Ned Stax, with his broad shoulders and his thin lips, simply wasn't his type. Which was all good and well because Sid knew better than to screw people they had to work with. He wasn't exactly the gentle type, and Benny would hardly appreciate it if Sid turned partners into enemies because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

But there was something about Ned that drew Sid's eye, again and again until he found himself staring more often than not. Ned had none of that badly masked nervousness that college types usually showed around men like Sid, he was as relaxed as a lion among his own. But what turned grudging respect into a very distracting urge not to be sensible was the way he smoked. Languidly, tapping the filter against those thin lips before taking it between them, letting it hang a little from the corner of his mouth while he lit it, and damn if he didn't have pretty hands, strong and long-fingered. Sid wasn't really all that much into people touching him when he fucked them, but he'd gladly feel those hands on his skin, if only on his hips while Ned sucked him off.

His teeth clenched on his toothpick as he watched Ned light yet another cigarette, taking a long, slow drag as if it had been hours since the last one rather than minutes, watched the slight quirk of his mouth as he blew out the smoke, watched him lick his lips as Ned caught his eye. Benny and Mickey were chatting with some girls at the other end of the table, so nobody noticed when Sid held Ned's gaze for just a bit too long, a hard stare that he knew was less threatening than he'd want it to be – although he somehow doubted that Ned would have been intimidated either way.

Ned didn't look away as he put the cigarette back between his lips, caressing it almost before he breathed in, and this time he leant his head back a little when he blew out the smoke, baring his throat just enough to make Sid want to bite him right below the jaw, to bruise him up more than any girl was likely to. Sid was aware that he was staring, but he couldn't bring himself to care – what was the lawyer gonna do, run to Benny to cry about Sid being … Sid?

But that was a dangerous line of thought, one that led too easily to “so what if I drag him into an empty office back there and fuck his mouth until he's crying, what's the worst that could happen?” And Sid didn't like doing things that could cause Benny trouble. It felt wrong. Benny shouldn't have to worry about Sid making a mess; Sid was there to clean up other people's mess.

So he forced himself to look away, to try and focus on whatever ridiculous story Benny was telling the girl on his lap, but out of the corner of his eyes he still saw Ned finish his cigarette calmly, then his Scotch. He expected the lawyer to make a quiet exit, but instead Ned stepped around the table and behind Sid, put one of those long hands – the right one, the one that had been so close to his mouth just before – on Sid's shoulder and leant down until his lips almost brushed Sid's ear.

“Didn't think you were the kind of man who only looks, but doesn't dare to touch.”

He smirked, smug and too full of himself, and it shattered all of Sid's good intentions of staying right where he was and maybe taking some pretty girl home later and decidedly not thinking of Ben's lawyer boy while fucking her. Sid couldn't stand it when people thought they had got one over him. So just as Ned pulled back his hand, Sid reached up to grab his wrist, twisted it just enough to get a grimace from Ned, but no more than that – no need to make a scene.

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one-sided Ned Stax/Joe Teague, angst

Ned used to have a crush on Joe. Joe wasn't interested. Lots of angst and pining please.

Sid Rothman/Ned Stax, Sid Rothman/Other, voyeurism

Ned catches Sid fucking a (male) hustler and watches them secretly. Bonus if it somehow leads to actual Sid/Ned.


Their reunion after the show.

Bugsy Siegel/Sid Rothman/Ned Stax, threesome

I don't care how or when or why it happens, but this needs to exist.

Ned/Joe/Jasmine, threesome

Because it definitely happened at some point.

Sid/Ned, implied Sid/Ben and Ned/Joe, angst

The only reason they're fucking is because they can't have the people they really want.

Ned Stax/Any, angst, internalized homophobia

Ned dealing with the probably inevitable angst of being a gay man in the 1940s.

If you include a ship I prefer Sid/Ned, but other ships are okay if the focus is mostly on Ned's feelings about the matter. Non-shippy character studies are also great.

Gen, Sid, losing his temper

3 or 5 times Sid Rothman lost his temper.

Bonus: All of them had something to do with Benny. Gen or slash are fine.

Ben Siegel/Sid Rothman

Ben picks Sid up and fucks him against a wall

Re: Ben Siegel/Sid Rothman

yes please

Sid/Ned, possessiveness, jealousy, orgasm delay

Sid thinks of Ned as his property. If he sees Ned getting too cozy with someone else, he takes him aside and reminds him who he belongs to. He doesn't let him come until he's begging and admitting that no one can fuck him better than Sid.

Hecky/Sid, Joe/Jasmine, Hecky/Jasmine, non-con, torture, major character death, jealousy

Sid *really* hates being outsmarted by another Jew. The night Hecky tries to blackmail Siegel, Joe helps Sid and the other guys bring him to a warehouse where they torture him and humiliate him before they kill him. Even when Hecky begs for his help, Joe says nothing and just watches it happen. He knows Hecky has to die for Jasmine's safety, but he realizes, with disgust, that part of him hates Hecky just for being with his ex-wife.

Sid Rothman/Ned Stax, violence kink

Nothing turns Ned on like thinking about/watching Sid kill people or beat them up, Sid's fingers curling around a gun, Sid's bruised knuckles, Sid covered in someone else's blood ... He thinks he should have seen too much violence in the war to enjoy that, but Sid somehow makes it beautiful.

Ned/Joe, PTSD, angst

Ned still has nightmares about the war. Joe comforts him.

Ned/Joe, rough sex

Ned likes getting dominated by Joe.

Bonus points if Joe gags him with one of his ties.

Sid/Joe: orgasm denial

Kudos if the one being denied is Sid

Sid/Ben, bondage

Every once in a while, Sid lets Ben tie him up and have his way with him.

Ned Stax/Everyone

Crack!fic. Ned makes it his personal mission in life to get into everyone's pants.

Sid Rothman/Ben Siegel, homophobia, angst

Ben and Sid are a couple, and have to deal with the stress and angst of hiding their relationship due to the rampant homophobia of the times.

Gen, Ned Stax, PTSD

Inspired by the prompt above, but not shippy: How does Ned's PTSD manifest itself? He seems a lot more well adjusted than Joe, but like he says himself, he's only hiding his trauma better.

Sid Rothman/Ned Stax

Ben told Sid to keep his hands off the pretty new lawyer because screwing people they work with means trouble. Sid usually does what Ben tells him, but damn if Ned didn't notice how Sid looks at him and all but flirts with him every time they meet. Cue Sid eventually snapping and deciding to take what he wants.

(Bonus if Ben is forever weirded out by Sid being into men, but also surprisingly accepting of it because Sid is Sid and can do what he wants.)

FILL: a promise made, a promise broken | Sid Rothman/Ned Stax | R (for language)

There should probably be more to this, a switch to the Ned POV and a continuation but I honestly can't promise I'll get time to do it, so, for now, it is what it is - but at least it's something? And it covers the bonus, even if it doesn't cover all of the main prompt.

"You're a freak, I know, and I'm fine with it. You gotta do what you gotta do. I get that. We all gotta do what we gotta do. But my new lawyer, he's a good kid, real smart, gonna do good by us, and I don't want you doing that thing you do, you know," Benny gave a shrug, a little gesture, as if he couldn't bring himself to say it right out, "the queer thing. I want this one sticking around and I don't want, well, you know." Again, another little dismissive shrug.

Sid nodded, "Sure, Benny, sure." And then, eyes turning wicked the way Ben always knew was a bad sign, "but is he cute? You know I can't resist 'em when they're cute." Benny gave no answer but his look spoke for him and Sid conceded, "Alright, alright. Don't touch the new lawyer, Benny wants his little lawyer boy taken care of but he doesn't want any consequences."

Benny's look was sterner than usual, as though he wasn't convinced by Sid's answer.

"You have my word, Benny. You know there ain't nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you." And Sid absolutely meant it, at the time. A promise was a promise and his word was good, at least when it came to Benny Siegel. Always had been.

But the lawyer is, well, the lawyer's gonna be a problem.

Sid hadn't thought about the new kid much, after making his promise to Benny, because what did some new city lawyer have to do with his side of the business? Day-to-day, not so much. But then the kid shows up and the kid fucking outplays him. The kid manages to pull some stunt with a cop and all of a sudden he's the fucking hero of the hour and the kid might as well have killed Hecky Nash himself.

(And damn, only thing Sid wanted more than Hecky Nash dead was to be the instrument of that act and the kid had gone and done it with the help of some crooked cop who didn't know how these things were played. If the kid hadn't been so damn pretty, Sid might've killed him for the insolence of the thing.)
Yeah, the lawyer's gonna be a problem.

Ned/Joe, angry sex

After the finale, an angry confrontation turning sexual.

Gen or Sid/Ned

It's easy to forget because Ned is usually all talk and pretty suits, but he did serve in the Corps and can presumably kick ass when necessary. So I'd love to see Sid (or Benny or someone else) being surprised that Ned is a secret badass who disarms someone/beats the crap out of an attacker/shoots someone without batting an eyelash ... Bonus if Ned ends up saving Sid's ass.

Jasmine/Joe, Jasmine/Hecky

Set after the finale. Jasmine reflecting on the differences between the two relationships, comparing Joe and Hecky to each other.


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