Please use basic subject lines. All prompt comments should begin with a pairing tag (e.g. Joe/Jasmine) or Gen for no pairing. Use 'Any' when prompting for any pairing at all (eg Hecky/Any or Any/Any), "Other" for a non-canon character, and ensure you include a short description and any trigger warnings.
eg; Joe Teague/Sid Rothman, Angst

RPF (as in Actor/Actor pairings) are accepted, just post "RPF" at the beginning of the prompt.
eg; RPF, Jon Bernthal/Alexa Davalos, fluff


Fill post subject lines should begin with FILL, and end with any associated trigger warnings and pairing tags to the fill.
eg; FILL: Title (angst, major character death, Joe/Hecky)

Only one prompt per comment. Post as many prompts as you like!

You can not "claim" a prompt or forbid anyone else if they wish to fill it. Multiple fills are encouraged!

No kink shaming! And lastly, have fun!


This is a community where you can request a pairing and a kink from Mob City, anonymously if you want, and others will be able to fill that request.



- Post requests as new comments to the current active post. Fic responses should be posted as replies to their parent request comment.
- Please title your subjects with pairing/character and kink requested. For instance, "Joe/Sid, fluff, hurt/comfort." Then go into details within the comment text box. Feel free to be as specific as you wish - the more detail you give, the better the authors will be able to write the fill.
- One pairing/prompt per post.
- No kink shaming, please! If someone requests a kink that isn't your thing, click the back button and leave it alone.
- The community is slash, femmeslash, het, and multiple partner friendly.

When filling a prompt, please title your subject with "FILLED: Pairing, kink, Title of Fic... " It makes it easier to find certain stories!
Multiple responses to one prompt are more than welcome!

CONTENT WARNINGS. Prompts and fills require a content warning for:
- Non consent non-consent/non-con, dubious consent/dub-con, includes situations where consent cannot be explicitly given [ie. a character is asleep/unconscious, there are unequal power dynamics, etc.]
- Further consent issues - incest, necrophilia, bestiality
- Mental illness/eating disorders/self-harm/suicide
- Character death - major character death (on-screen or off-screen)
- Violence - graphic violence/gore, torture, abuse
Suggested warnings
- Homophobia/racism/other isms


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